Fracture Care

If you break a bone, we’ll help put it back together. Whether you were hurt on the playing field or in the office, at home or at school, Midwest Orthopaedic Center is here to mend your injury.

A broken bone is a traumatic experience, which is why our comprehensive fracture care –– handled by Dr. Akeson, Dr. D’Souza, Dr. Mitzelfelt and Dr. Osuji as well as Dr. Colen, Dr. Lilly and Dr. Roberts –– is tailored to fit your needs and make you comfortable. Our range of treatments include:

    • Casts
    • Braces
    • Traction
    • Therapy and rehabilitation
    • Surgery

With in-house imaging and innovative tools at Midwest Orthopaedic Center, immediate walk-in services at Midwest Ortho First and a dedicated surgical facility at Midwest Orthopaedic Hospital, you have everything you need at your home for orthopaedics.

broken bones

How Fracture Care Mends What’s Broken

Fractures usually occur without warning, cause sudden pain and impact your ability to move. You may not have time to wait for the next available appointment. So, get seen fast at Midwest Ortho First. Our walk-in service, within the same facility as Midwest Orthopaedic Center’s Peoria location, is equipped with complex imaging capabilities, the latest tools to immobilize broken bones and board-certified specialists who help you move past your pain. It’s an alternative to the emergency room and, under most insurance plans, it costs the price of your standard copay.

No matter how you visit us –– at a walk-in visit or a scheduled appointment –– our doctors specialize in treating sports-related and traumatic injuries. In addition to fracture care, we also help manage your pain through regenerative medicine and injections.

If your broken bone requires a surgical fix, our fracture services at Midwest Orthopaedic Hospital at UnityPoint Health – Proctor will help you regain your normal function. Here, your board-certified surgeons –– Dr. Akeson, Dr. D’Souza, Dr. Mitzelfelt and Dr. Osuji –– will repair your broken bone, coordinate physical therapy at Midwest Orthopaedic Center, if needed, and help you find lasting health and mobility.

To learn more about common orthopaedic conditions, treatments and procedures, including fracture care, visit OrthoInfo, a database operated by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Our Doctors

Picture of Jeffrey Akeson, M.D.
Jeffrey Akeson, M.D.
hip, knee, neck, back, Fracture Care, Hip & Knee Reconstruction, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Robotic Surgery, Trauma Care
Picture of Chukwunenye Osuji, M.D.
Chukwunenye Osuji, M.D.
hip, knee, Fracture Care, Hip & Knee Reconstruction, Robotic Surgery, Trauma Care
Picture of Tom Bollaert, M.D., CAQSM
Tom Bollaert, M.D., CAQSM
Fracture Care, Sports Medicine, Midwest Ortho First Walk-In Clinic
Picture of Adam Colen, D.O.
Adam Colen, D.O.
Fracture Care, Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Midwest Ortho First Walk-In Clinic
Picture of Donald A. Mitzelfelt, M.D.
Donald A. Mitzelfelt, M.D.
Fracture Care
Picture of Brad Roberts, D.O.
Brad Roberts, D.O.
Fracture Care, Sports Medicine, Midwest Ortho First Walk-In Clinic

Meet Our Patients

I chose Dr. Mitzelfelt because he has given great care to other members of my family and friends. I witnessed his care of and for my mom which made me want him to do my knee replacements. I cannot say enough good things about him! Wonderful man and excellent surgeon!

A patient of Dr. Mitzelfelt

I have been impressed with care and treatment that Dr. Bell has provided me. I needed help with lower back pain and the radio frequency ablation treatment he administered is working. He and his staff are excellent, and I feel that I have been put in very professional hands.

A patient of Dr. Bell

Dr. Brad Roberts is a provider you actually look forward to seeing. He takes time to know you as a patient, is sympathetic, approachable with questions, and overall seems a great person.

A Patient of Dr. Roberts

Dr. Roberts is the best! I enjoy seeing him for my medical issue as he is always so friendly and uplifting. He takes his time with me explaining everything to me and the best treatment available. I told my family members and friends if they need treatment that he provides to only go to him. His staff from the front office to the nurses are friendly and always have a smile just like Dr. Roberts. I just can’t say enough about Dr. Roberts and his entire staff.

Larry E. Wight

Marty Midwest Orthopaedic Patient
I'm a referring physician and a patient. Throughout my career, I worked with several different orthopaedic groups and Midwest Orthopaedic Center was the absolute best.

Dr. Marty Stachniw

A retired orthopaedic surgeon and hand, knee and shoulder patient who loves the outdoors –– from Galesburg, IL.

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