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Therapy can help with a variety of neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee and foot problems. Physical therapy can also be part of a sports medicine program to help you perform your best. Licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapy assistants work with you to reduce pain, improve strength and range of motion, restore function and help you get back to the activities you love.

Midwest Orthopaedic Center offers therapy and rehabilitation services at our Peoria and Pekin locations. Services include:

  • Manual therapy to improve joint movement and range of motion

  • Soft tissue therapy including massage and myofascial release

  • Electrotherapy, ultrasound, and heat and cold application

  • Exercise programs and progression

  • Aquatic therapy in our heated therapy pool (Peoria location)

  • Occupational therapy for problems with the hand, wrist, fingers and shoulder


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