Midwest Ortho First

Midwest Ortho First lets patients skip the E.R., get immediate access to certified orthopaedic providers

Peoria, Illinois (July 27, 2015)—Midwest Orthopaedic Center is opening the area’s first walk-in clinic for same-day treatment of orthopaedic injuries, giving patients a timely, affordable option for the care of dislocations, fractures and sprains. Midwest Ortho First, which opens Saturday, August 1st, lets patients bypass a hospital emergency room or general urgent care center and see a certified orthopaedic provider without an appointment, saving time, cost and discomfort.

“In the past when someone suffered an orthopaedic injury, such as a sprained ankle, they went to an E.R. or urgent care center,” explains Michael Merkley, M.D. “They might have to wait two or three hours and even then, they don’t see a specialist. Instead they’re told to follow up with an orthopaedic office visit later. With Midwest Ortho First, we cut out the middle man and provide immediate access to certified orthopaedic providers.”

Midwest Ortho First is open without an appointment Monday through Friday from four p.m. to seven p.m., and Saturdays from nine a.m. to one p.m. It is staffed by certified orthopaedic providers who have completed specialized training in orthopaedics These providers are experienced at examining, assessing and treating injuries to bones, muscles and joints. A board-certified orthopaedic surgeon is on-call if needed.

“Ninety-nine percent of orthopaedic injuries are appropriate for Midwest Ortho First,” says Dr. Merkely. “These include sprains, strains, dislocations and most breaks and fractures. We also treat concussion-related injuries.”

While Midwest Ortho First is the only walk-in orthopaedic clinic in the Peoria area, it is part of a growing national trend to provide better care at lower cost. Because Midwest Ortho First is an extension of Midwest Orthopaedic Center’s regular clinic, patients typically pay a regular office visit co-pay instead of the much higher co-pay usually required for a visit to the emergency room. “The patient saves money as well as time,” explains Derek Armstrong, CEO of Midwest Orthopaedic Center.

Smart Digital X-ray and MRI ordered by our providers can be performed onsite for greater convenience and better continuity of care. Other on-site services include physical/occupational therapy, casting, bracing, splinting, injections and stitches.

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